Homeless Student Policy

Policy: Homeless Students
The STEAM Academy of Warren Board of Trustees recognizes the right of all students residing within the school’s boundaries, including those who are homeless, the opportunity to enroll in, and participate in its educational and support programs.
Student Rights
Homeless students who are enrolled in STEAM Academy of Warren have the right to:
 Equal access to all educational programs and services, including transportation and school nutrition programs;
 Continue to attend STEAM Academy of Warren for the duration of homelessness or the current school year, whichever ends first;
 Attend STEAM Academy of Warren while homeless, unless there exists a legitimate reason for requiring attendance at another school; and
 Receive all educational services for which they are eligible (i.e., special education, gifted and talented, and LEP).
District Responsibilities
STEAM Academy of Warren will develop strategies for meeting the needs of homeless students and eliminating barriers to their attendance at school, including identification, and the provision of appropriate support services.
STEAM Academy of Warren shall provide homeless students with transportation services comparable to those offered to other students at the school.
If a homeless student attending school moves to a shelter outside of the school’s boundaries, the Head of School or designee may arrange transportation that enables the student to continue attending , through the services of , the new home district, or an outside agency.
Legal Reference:
Elementary and Secondary Education Act (2001)
McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (2001, Section 724(g))