1. What is the tuition to attend this charter school?
There is no tuition to attend. It is a free public charter school.

2.  Are uniforms required?
Yes, students are required to wear uniforms. Uniforms include navy blue, white, light blue or black collared shirts and navy blue, khaki or black pants, skirts, shorts or jumpers. Open toed sandals, flip flops, and wheelies/heelies ARE NOT permitted to be worn.

3.  What is a typical daily schedule?
Generally, a typical school day schedule includes:
120 Minutes — Literacy
90 Minutes — Math
60 Minutes — Science
90 Minutes — Paragon

In addition, students will receive 30 minutes of a special class:
Physical Education

4.  My child has special needs, how do you provide for specialized services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy?
Special arrangements will be made to provide these services within the school setting through local resources.

5. Will students received a hot lunch? If so, what is the cost?
Hot lunch service will be provided at a cost. Parents will be able to complete a form to determine if a child qualifies for a free or reduced-cost lunch service.